We all have value and purpose. God has blessed each one of us with distinct talents and gifts. We are all individually designed and we have each been given a unique sphere of influence in this oft-troubled world. The size and shape of my part of the whole might be different from yours. But when joined together, we form a beautiful, intricate tapestry that God has woven together, using each and every one of us to carry out His plans and purposes. Won’t you join me in discovering and becoming all you were meant to be? You might be surprised at the results!   


I never set out to be a writer. My journey began with the simple desire to preserve the stories of my extraordinary cat Knickerbocker. But to my great delight, He Was Never a Cat has become a much-loved story to cat lovers everywhere. God continued to expand my borders with the award-winning title, A God for All Seasons. I am now thrilled to have published my first children’s book, also an award-winner!


On my journey, I’ve been honored and humbled to have touched the lives of folks throughout the United States as well as in numerous other countries. However, long before I became an author, God was developing my faith and using me to impact people in a positive way. Through many teaching opportunities at my church, I saw how my words of personal experience and testimony brought hope and encouragement to others. God has now transferred those spoken words to written text but my ministry remains the same - to use my life experience to teach, encourage and bless others. 

I live in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with my husband Doug.

I am available locally for presentations, teachings and book signings for church groups, women's groups, libraries, retirement centers, schools, etc. Please use the Contact Me form to request more information.


I would love to hear from you! Let’s walk this road together as we see where God might lead us.

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