I'm thrilled to have won a Purple Dragonfly Honorable Mention Award!!

What people are saying about:

"The story explores themes involving individuality, friendship, and understanding while building to examples of positive behavior to which children should aspire. The illustrations are playful and fun and the complexity of the characters and their names contains the kind of silliness that kids love. I enjoyed reading this to my son and he enjoyed helping me keep all the animal names straight. This is a lovely story, with great messages, engaging characters and fun drawings. You and your kids will love it." - Rick Felty, author of "Tabitha Fink: The Cat With One Eye."


"I'm going to put the award sticker on the cover and that way I'll know it's my favorite book." - Liam


"My five-year-old granddaughter was giggling all the way through this wonderful story about friendship and acceptance. In her own words, "I love this book. The cat named mouse cracks me up! It makes me so happy that they are all friends at the end and love each other." We adults have a lot to learn from this profound little gem of a story as well. Well-written and beautifully illustrated." - JoAnn K.


"In the gentle, make-believe world where cats talk to mice and dogs, we learn that names are not unusual or 'wrong' unless we make them so. I wish that more of us humans could learn that lesson, which is so simple, yet so important." - Fran Macilvey, author, 'Trapped: My Life with Cerebral Palsy.'


"My three year old granddaughter loves this book! She especially loves 'Cheese' and says things like, "There he is Mommy! That's the mouse named Cheese! There's Cheese again!!!" and goes through the book finding 'Cheese.'

- Sherrill C.

What people are saying about:

"Writing with pose and grace, Patti shares some of the most challenging, profound, as well as encouraging moments of her life when God made his presence known in remarkable ways to comfort and encourage her and her family. A wonderfully uplifting book, perfect for anyone who is hurting or in need of encouragement in their lives, highly recommended!" - Johanna B.,


"Seasons and months are tied nicely to our relationship with God. The author's experiences of God's surprise answers, while unfamiliar perhaps, become wholly believable as told in her gently convincing voice. Rainbows, geese and ducks convey God's messages, and the author's blend of beautiful language with wise advice and prayerful faith makes the pages fly and the lessons sink deep. A wise, intriguing book, worth reading more than once." - Sheila D., Vine Voice


"I received this book as a gift from a friend of mine and it came in to my possession just when I needed it. The intricately weaved words bring with them inspiration and encouragement. I highly recommend this for yourself and as a gift to a dear friend." - Gentle Reader


"Patti Tingen's book is wonderfully rich in both meaning and story. She gently guides us through the months of the year, noticing... always noticing... what God's invitation may be to us in each season. Since the writing style is warm and fluid, full of humor and poignant illustrations, the reader simultaneously finds the pages flying by and wishes that they did not, for there is grace in each one. This is a book not only to touch your heart but also to move it into deeper awareness and greater joy." - Tony B.

What people are saying about:

"This book is amazing and very inspirational. I found myself laughing out loud very often during the stories about the author's cat. Then I was allowed a glimpse into Patti's personal life. Then I welcomed the gentle and loving, yet firm, challenges to consider my own life and how I might serve God better. I never grew tired of having this process repeated each chapter. The book reads easily. I read it in two sittings, but you may want to consider reading only one chapter a day. It could be used as a daily devotional, allowing you more time to reflect upon the encouragements." - Mt. Bike Skier


"I LOVED the story of "Maxipuss" Knick! Ms. Tingen has written a very touching, very funny and very inspirational story here, and there is an important message at the heart of it: a hunger, a passion if you will, for righteousness (instead of kitty food!) can fill our souls to capacity. Five stars, very highly recommended. - Frank K. 


This is an incredibly entertaining but also challenging book right from the first Meow to the last Amen! Your ability to illustrate spiritual truths and call believers to a higher level of commitment is the equal of many pastors, and has challenged THIS pastor to ramp up my passion while maintaining that all-important balance. - Nathan M.


Patti's book is a highlight with the humor. Even if you're not a cat person, you can identify with the stories. She applies the lessons in remarkable ways. Engaging writing helps you become part of Patti's family quickly. You feel like you live in the house with her, Doug and Knick." - Scott W.