Patti speaks from her heart in an honest, relatable style using humor and personal experience. She’s brought her message of hope and encouragement to Sunday morning church services, women’s groups, retirement communities and libraries. 


Topics average 30 minutes but can be tailored to your needs.

Listen to two of Patti's Sunday morning messages here:



We all have value and purpose!

Do you know how much God loves you? Do you understand how valuable you are to God and others? Learn about Patti’s unexpected journey to becoming an award-winning author and speaker. Hear an overview of her books and receive hope and encouragement that God has value and purpose for your life as well!

Life is a puzzle! Discover your God-given place

Do you find life to be puzzling? Ever wonder if you're making a difference to those around you? Learn more about who God created you to be. Discover how you can impact others by growing into more of who you already are.

With every breath - Live life well!

Are you living life to the fullest? What type of fragrance are you breathing into the world? What sort of impact or legacy will your breaths leave behind? Find out how the breaths of laughter, love, thankfulness and hope can help you to live life well.

Loving your past and future self

Are you carrying hurts, grudges and disappointments from the past? Are you afraid of what the future holds? Learn how to make peace with the past and have hope for the future, as you look both backwards and forwards over your life.


—  Tony B., Pastor

"As a leader who has invited Patti Tingen to speak on multiple occasions over several years, I can testify that she brings gentle wisdom, wry humor, and heartwarming grace to her presentations. She is a consummate storyteller, yet her stories have depth and meaning that touch the soul as well as the mind. Patti does not speak down to us, but rather as one who is with us in the thick of life and finds it all...even the messy stuff.... full of wonder and promise. We listen attentively, not for spellbinding oratory but for joy and hope and grace. And it is always there. Always."